Industrial Cladding

We offer a wide range of industrial cladding services and systems. With over thirty years experience we can provide the solution to your cladding problems.

We work on all forms of industrial cladding. If a vehicle has damaged a cladding sheet we can provide a cladding repair solution. Or if you are looking to improve the look of your building we can provide over cladding and strip & re-sheet options.

Cladding Repair

Unfortunately accidents do happen and damaged cladding can have an affect on your business. We can provide a service to patch up damaged cladding in emergency situations. I.e. Where the building is left exposed due to the damage.

Our surveyors can attend site, assess the damage and provide a cost for sheet replacement. We can also offer solutions such as barriers, to prevent future damage.

Over Cladding

Over cladding is a system in which, the original cladding remains in place, a support rail installed and a new external sheet installed on top. This system offers the following benefits:

  • Improved external visual look of the building
  • Opportunity to increase insulation to wall area
  • Minimal disruption to your operation
  • Avoid the cost of disposing asbestos (if applicable).



Strip & Re-sheet Cladding

Sometimes the original cladding is beyond use and will need to be taken off and fully replaced. Using this system, the existing cladding is removed in stages. This is done to insure your building remains watertight and secure. In terms of outer sheet you now have a three main options depending on the building type. You can either install a single skin cladding sheet, a built up system or a composite system.