Industrial Roofing

We offer a wide range of industrial roofing services across the UK. Ranging from repair work, through to full asbestos strip & re-sheets.

We can provide the following services:


  • Strip & Re-Sheet
  • Overcladding
  • Single Skin Steel Roofs
  • Built Up Steel Roofs
  • Composite Panel Systems
  • Single Ply Systems
  • Felt Systems

Industrial Roof Repair

Leaking roofs can cause big problems for your business; damaged stock and machinery and more importantly the health and safety problems of having water inside your building. We can provide an emergency repair service. We can attend site, cure the leak and where applicable offer long term solutions to your roofing problems. Allowing you to budget future works. Once the work is completed we provide a full report of the works carried out with photographic evidence.

Asbestos Roofing

We provide a range of asbestos roofing services, more details can be found on our dedicated asbestos roofing page.